NGIT vs Market Scenario 

How is NGIT different from fake placement agencies? 
July 9, 2018
Best CISCO Training Agency in New Delhi
Best CISCO Training Agency in New Delhi
July 16, 2018

NGIT vs Market Scenario 

NGIT, being the passport for your career and job, is the antithesis of what is coming about in the market these days. We revolve around the individuals and our approach is in line with their welfare and success. While placement agencies have their eyes set on the companies rather than the individuals and candidates. A business is made by them which becomes the vehicle to earn money from the candidates. However, the results shown by such companies are nothing but the reflection of empty promises.

Communication is our key

NGIT does its job well. We know our work and do not merely indulge in “a lick and promise” but actually materialize what we say. Individuals are given the prime importance by us because they are the only ones for whom we work. Their placement is our ultimate aim. On the other hand, agencies merely establish contact with the individuals and fail to interact with them. We not only solve the dilemmas the candidates have, but also make sure they are well suited for the job. Free counselling and job opportunities in Networking are provided by us. There are managers for each candidate who are committed and dedicated to his or her needs.

Not money hoarders like others

With a motive to expand one’s business and extract money from people, agencies have come up with an approach which charges a big sum from the candidates for the registration. The entire process of registration costs a bomb; candidates shell out money thinking it would help them in the long run. They pay no heed to the queries of the candidates, the reason being that they do not maintain any direct or personal relationship with them. However, NGIT charges no registration fees. Plus there is a direct contact of the candidates with us so that their qualms and issues can be solved by us. Each candidate is given complete attention and the support throughout.

There is more to NGIT than you think

We have candidate oriented approach unlike the agencies in the market whose approach and attitude is limited to companies. Since we care and think about the future of the candidates, there is instant scheduling of interviews of students. Also, training sessions are organized if required by the candidates. These agencies, on the contrary, delay and postpone the interviews. This is why they lag behind. There is no sense of responsibility felt by them as they do not care to attend any phone calls from the candidates.

The credibility of the companies that have surfaced in the market is nominal. All a candidate wants is a solution to his or her problems or doubts that cross that cross their mind related to their qualification, education, work skills, training, etc. We make it a point not to ignore anyone and get them placed according to their capabilities and caliber.

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