How much can I earn in networking domain?

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September 14, 2018
Are you a college/institute looking to get your students placed? 
Are you a college/institute looking to get your students placed? 
September 20, 2018

How much can I earn in networking domain?

How much can I earn in networking domain?

A lot of career options are available in Networking domain. This field is attracting people from all arenas and backgrounds now more than ever. Knowledge of the technology is soared by putting a foot forward in this career. Depending on the nature of the designation of the candidates, there are various job posts for them in the companies. There are good packages for everyone starting from Level 1.

Computer networking is must for interaction between employees and progress for business. Not to mention the amount of funds saved by a company using Networking. Therefore, networking is gaining more and more attention and this is what makes it an ever-growing domain.

The levels in Networking decide the nature of how much one makes annually. No doubt every post in networking provide good opportunities and salary. As things and levels progress, the earning also increases substantially. There are three levels (L1, L2,and L3)of job responsibilities for the network professionals. Basic troubleshooting and emphasis on Ticketing and Monitoring falls under L1. Technical problems are handled by the L2 technician and major problems are concerned with L3. The post of network data beginner is meant for L1 and L1+. Network Data Specialist is for the L1, L2 and L2+ hiring which is meant specifically for the candidates who have spent years in irrelevant profile.

Levels and packages

L1 – Around 3 lakh is the average amount earned per year by candidates who are hired at this level in networking. There are bonuses as well. If a candidate holds more than 2 years’ experience, 3.5 lakh is what he or she can earn.

L2 – Somewhere in the region of 4-5 lakh is made by engineers and technicians in this level in the organizations.

L3- Rs. 6-7 lakh is made by a Senior Network Engineer. Some make as high as Rs. 10 lakh annually too. Knowledge and experience counts.

The rate of growth is maximum in this field. It provides one with a salary package which is not stable. Depending one’s post, experience, level, skill and talent, the package varies from company to company. This is the average amount made by technicians and engineers in Networking.

There is nothing that can halt students to not invest their time in this field. NGIT Global helps you snag all the wonderful packages in various companies by providing you a platform from which you can soar and make it big in terms of both career and money.

NGIT works in all spheres. Be it providing a way for a fresher’s journey or the experienced candidates. Also, candidates can switch with the assistance and guidance of NGIT.

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