How is NGIT different from fake placement agencies? 

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June 29, 2018
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July 9, 2018

How is NGIT different from fake placement agencies? 

There lies a thin line between a real and fake placement agency. People are tricked into getting a good job with high post and good package. It is a thing of day-to-day basis that we get to hear the frauds. Earning money in the name of recruiting people is fraud in broad daylight. Even the smartest of the lot cannot see through their tricks and get trapped.

NGIT is an authentic placement agency which has helped many candidates in earning a job in networking. No doubt, jobs in networking like network engineers, network administrators, etc. have hogged all the attention these days. We are into IT domain and networking as well.

We do not merely ask people to submit their resumes like the fake ones. We get in touch with them and come in direct contact with the candidates to ensure authenticity. It is not for nothing that the our company has managed to earn repute. A great many students have been placed with our aid in big corporations and organizations. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that we are like the knight in the shining armour for candidates hunting for jobs and high and low.

Minting money from candidates is the sole business of fake agencies. People who seek job abroad are highly swindled by the fraud companies who con and hoax people with all their might and escape with money. This is not what NGIT does. There is transparency in relationship with candidates – there is a complete process which is followed in a chronological order without which there is no placement at all. The candidates who manage to breeze through the screening process and interview are selected.

However, people are aware these days but should not blindly give in to the schemes and job prospects shown by frauds to lure people. Plus one must check their presence as to they are valid or just the bogus, fake recruiters. NGIT, on the other hand, does not demand any money from students. We, however, do train the candidates, if need be. No reliable and genuine company would ask money in return for jobs.

No offer letter without any interview or screening process counts for the real placement agency. If random job offers are up your alley, someone is definitely trying to fool you. Many people have been had by the the phoney agencies who attract candidates by promising them the huge packages. NGIT does not send any false mails, nor does it promise a good sum. Depending on the candidate’s capabilities and qualification, he or she is culled out from the proverbial alphabet soup of candidates vying with one another to achieve success.

The association of NGIT with colleges and companies makes for a good trust among the candidates. Companies and firms send the requirements to them, and we constantly remain in touch with the job vacancies and their annual packages. Similarly, knowledge, skills and expertise of students is revealed by the colleges.

Last but not the least, fake agencies assure plum posts overseas. This is what they are best at. Truth be told, they sell people a bill of goods by demanding a lot of money. Try hard as people may, they wind up getting trapped in the trap of deceit. But one must carefully and patiently ponder over things and had better invest their time and efforts in us (NGIT) which is a real one and a cut above the rest.

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