Company History

Based out of his home initially, the founder and CEO of NGIT Global Mr. Nitin Goswami had in mind to change the lives of people by providing them the opportunities for jobs. He was well aware of the cut-throat competition and the race in which everyone is embroiled these days. All he wanted to do was carve a path which could help people in getting a job.

Being aware of the unemployed section, NGIT desired to change the scenario by helping them placed in the companies and organizations.

Impediments and obstacles came in his way but in no way did he deter himself from his aim. Going by the adage “every cloud has a silver lining,” he kept adding his bit, worked ceaselessly and did not give in. His struggle from the budding years has paid off as his dream has reached an altogether new platform. What he wanted has now become actual in the form of placements of jobseekers in the field of networking. It was 2015 that saw him wear the garb of success.

Candidates, today, are recruited in various firms under the wing and guidance of Mr. Nitin Goswami. Not only domestic but international placements have added a feather in the cap of NGIT. The journey which sprang from a series of hiccups is now a full-fledged company with name and reputation in the market.